Why A Home Sits & What You Can Do To Move It

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Staging and Décor

If your home is cluttered, jam packed with furniture and the walls are covered in your favorite color, you could be turning away buyers. While you may think that people will be able to imagine your home with their things, it is actually quite hard when they can’t get a good vision of the space in the South Lake Tahoe home for sale. If this is you, consider decluttering. You can toss, donate or sell which seems like a lot of work but saves you time when you have to pack. You have to do it anyway, may as well do it in the beginning. Also make sure the furniture is positioned appropriately for the space. There are ways you can move things around to make the space look bigger than it is in the home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Also consider taking down some of the family photos and artwork. By following these steps, you allow for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property for sale in Lake Tahoe.


If you have some things that need fixin’, get to it! If a home is obviously in need of some TLC and not priced accordingly, one of two things can happen: You get lowball offers or you don’t get any at all. There are exceptions to every rule like the land being worth quite a bit, but some of the fixes are fairly affordable and quick. Leaky faucet? Fix it. Cupboard doors coming off its hinge? Screw it back in. Broken window? Replace it. Chipped paint? Touch it up or do a new coat. When your South Lake Tahoe real estate agent does their walk through before listing, ask them what things you should fix.


Photographs of houses for sale in South Lake Tahoe are the real first impression and possibly one of the most important aspects of marketing. If a home has shoddy photography, it may not pique a lot of interest. In fact, there is a website called The Lighter Side of Real Estate that pokes fun at some of the worst real estate photography on the internet. Some are downright ridiculous, while others are simply bad but actually very common. Some of these photos include bad lighting, cluttered spaces, pets and people in the photos as well as shots of random corners. These don’t show the house for sale in South Lake Tahoe in its best light. Good photography can make a home look lighter, brighter and bigger generating some great foot traffic. If your South Lake Tahoe Realtor doesn’t typically use professional photography, you can request it.


This is the most important part of moving a home. If a home for sale in Lake Tahoe is overpriced, it will sit. If a South Lake Tahoe home for sale sits for a little bit, that is acceptable. However, time is of the essence and after a couple weeks, a property for sale in South Lake Tahoe will lose steam. In fact, the longer a property sits on the market as “active”, the more folks begin to think there is something wrong with the property. This means the home can get bypassed in showings for newer, “hotter” properties. If your home for sale in Lake Tahoe is in perfectly good condition and doesn’t have any structural issues and the market is good, chat with your Lake Tahoe real estate agent about a price reduction.

Every home’s needs are different so not all of these situations will apply. However, if you feel like your property isn’t getting a lot of interest or all the showings aren’t resulting in offers, see if these four factors apply to you. Also be sure to ask your South Lake Tahoe realtor for their opinion. If you chose wisely and selected a good real estate agent that works with a reputable brokerage, they will be qualified to advise on your specific situation. For more information, give me a call at 775-901-2010.

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