Buying A Lake Tahoe Home: The Final Walk Through

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If you have been house hunting in South Lake Tahoe for a while, getting a call from your Lake Tahoe Realtor to schedule the final walk through is probably music to your ears. This means home ownership is just around the corner. The final walk through is one of the final steps before closing and while there is no need to breath into a paper bag, you definitely want to make sure that this part goes well. So what can you do to help the process along? Read below for helpful tips from Lake Tahoe real estate experts.

How many times have you heard to make a list anytime you are trying to figure out a situation? This is no exception. Before the final walk through, chat with your South Lake Tahoe Realtor and brainstorm on a list that covers all your concerns in regards to this home for sale in Lake Tahoe. This could be things you asked to get fixed, things you weren’t quite sure about, or some notes that were made on the home inspection. You will also want to make sure the appliances, outlets, windows, doors, drawers, lights, etc. are working properly. If anything comes back awry, you can negotiate with the seller before it closes.

This is also your opportunity to make sure the necessary repairs were completed in the home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Nine times out of ten, a seller will do what they are contractually required to do. However, with any situation, there is always a bad seed. You want to make sure the seller you are dealing with stays true to their word. If you wait until after closing, it is way more difficult to get the repairs completed. If you want to ask for paid invoices and receipts for your own records, that is perfectly appropriate.

You will also want to make sure that the inventory you agreed to purchase is still present, and wasn’t swapped. Some homes for sale in Lake Tahoe come completely unfurnished and without some appliances. Some are sold completely furnished and other contracts might negotiate on certain pieces of furniture and appliances. Whatever it is you decided on, you will want to make sure all the pieces that you paid for in the contract are in the home.

Speaking of making sure nothing has been swapped or removed from the property, be sure to check out some hidden or hard to reach spots. Sometimes furniture and décor cover up things the seller doesn’t want you to see. Like a huge stain on the carpet covered up by a rug, or a hole in the wall covered up by a large art piece. Check behind, under and move things around. It may seem like a pain, but when buying a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, you want to make sure you aren’t left with fixes and repairs AFTER closing.

If you are looking for more information on South Lake Tahoe real estate, give me a call at 775-901-2010. I’d be happy to help you with buying, selling or answering general questions.

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