6 Tips To Sell Your Lake Tahoe Home FAST!

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If you are thinking of listing your Lake Tahoe real estate for sale, you likely want to move it fast. There are multiple ways to move your property for sale in Lake Tahoe quickly, you just have to be committed to the process as well as be flexible. So what can you do to sell your home quickly? Check out these great tips!

1.) Create an ambiance that people want to come home to. Multiple studies have shown that people want to imagine their stuff inside your home. This is not an easy task if you have clutter and personalized decor everywhere. So clean up, throw out, donate and de-personalize (just a bit!) your home so it is easy for potential buyers to imagine it as theirs. Next, chat with your South Lake Tahoe realtor and ask what their staging suggestions are. You don’t need to hire a spendy stager to get this done. Chat with your realtor, do a pinterest search and check out some home magazines. When a home is properly staged, it shows off how furniture can be placed and utilizes the space so it looks spacious, yet functional.

2.) Price it appropriately. This is KEY! South Lake Tahoe homes for sale move quickly when they are priced well. Your asking price says a lot about how serious AND motivated you are as a seller. If you price too high, people will simply think you are testing the market. Which isn’t a bad thing, however, there is also the assumption that if they do put it in an offer, there will be more counter offers than usual and that you will be inflexible while trying to pocket this high number. In order to avoid pricing too high and having your home sit and grow stale, have a serious conversation with your Lake Tahoe realtor on what you should really price your home at.

3.) Sweeten the pot with incentives. Everybody loves free things. Consider contributing towards HOA dues for the next year, covering landscaping services through the season, contributing towards closing costs or throwing in some furniture. These extra perks will stand out and make your home feel like a better value compared to similar Lake Tahoe homes for sale in the neighborhood that is not offering any incentives.

4.) Let the neighborhood know. If they have a relative or close friend looking to buy Lake Tahoe real estate, they will probably like the idea of having them as a neighbor. If you let them know, they can help spread the word.

5.) Take a tip from yoga and be flexible! Selling your Lake Tahoe real estate quickly will require you to go with the flow, even if it means getting a last second showing at 5:30pm when you are just about to put dinner on the table. The unique thing about South Lake Tahoe real estate is that we get a lot of buyers from out of town. They may just be in the area for a brief period and this is the only time slot they can view your home. Don’t miss out on a hot prospect by being stubborn on showings.

6.) Set a deadline for receiving an offer. If you don’t have an offer by a certain date, get back to the drawing board with your South Lake Tahoe Realtor and come up with a new game plan. It could be a price reduction, more incentives, more open houses or a new marketing campaign.

If you have questions on how to sell your Lake Tahoe real estate quickly, give me a call. I would be happy to help!

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